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If you have dirty solar panels, you could be losing up to 30% efficiency out of your system. Over time that can reduce much of your savings by using solar power. Performing solar panel cleaning is the best way to keep your solar power system performing it’s best, as well as receiving the maximum lifespan out of your solar panels.

Along with keeping your solar panels clean, it’s a good idea to have your roof shingles cleaned as well. Having clean roof shingles, as a result, will keep your solar panels cleaner for a longer period of time. For more information on roof shingle cleaning, please visit our roof cleaning page.

Services We Provide

Soft Washing

Soft wash power washing is exterior cleaning using a much lower amount of pressure than most pressure washing companies are associated with.

Gutter Cleaning

If you don’t regularly have your gutters and downspouts cleaned out, you could be paying a lot of money once the damage from not cleaning them regularly has already taken place.

Roof Cleaning

We have put a lot of time in training our roof cleaning technicians, and always have a roof cleaning professional on site when a cleaning is in process.

Concrete Cleaning

We specialize in chemical cleaning that will clean these surfaces more effectively, while giving a longer lasting result than pressure washing without chemicals.

Window Washing

Our superior window cleaning process cleans your windows, leaving exceptionally clean windows protected from the elements of mother nature, Streak Free.

Graffiti Removal

Wheather it be concrete, brick, block, signs, painted, or unpainted surfaces, we can remove it using the safest products available.

100% biodegradable

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Cleaning Your Solar Panels

When cleaning solar panels, great care must be taken. Performing solar panel cleaning on a hot day can damage your solar panels if not performed correctly. The protective glass can break if going from hot to cold immediately. When performing solar panel cleaning, we use only non caustic chemicals and a triple filtered water system to make sure your panels are cleaned to perfection. Using a triple filtered water system will leave your panels streak and spot free. Results will be seen immediately after your panels are cleaned.


Why Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

Just like any other surface, solar panels can become soiled as well. When we say soiled, we mean that the panels can become caked with debris, like dust, mold, mildew, bird dropping, or many other obstacles that can block the sunlight from reaching the cells of the solar panel. This “Soiling” can produce power loss. A study that was performed shows that if solar panels are not cleaned on a regular basis, depending on the area you live, that up to 30% power loss can be achieved.

How Often Should I Clean My Solar Panels?


Our recommendation is that solar panels should be cleaned on an annual basis. There are many recommendations, due to the many studies that are out there. Some recommend cleaning your solar panels annually, quarterly, monthly, and more. The more research you do, the more recommendations you’ll find. We recommended to clean your solar panels on an annual basis along with the pressure washing of your property as a preventative maintenance, or whenever the solar panels look dirty.

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