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When it comes to brick cleaning, pressure washing is usually the normal method used by most pressure washing contractors.  In some cases, lighter pressure, or soft washing must be used, especially for siding cleaning.  Most brick can handle a psi of 3,500 or less, like concrete cleaning.  Now the thing that most pressure washing contractors don’t account for is weak mortar in between the bricks.  Many of the older homes in our communities have softer brick, and the brick cleaning must be performed very carefully to prevent damage. If you hire a pressure washing company that has the knowledge to properly perform these cleanings, then they should know the proper ways to test the mortar before cleaning an area.

Services We Provide

Soft Washing

Soft wash power washing is exterior cleaning using a much lower amount of pressure than most pressure washing companies are associated with.

Gutter Cleaning

If you don’t regularly have your gutters and downspouts cleaned out, you could be paying a lot of money once the damage from not cleaning them regularly has already taken place.

Roof Cleaning

We have put a lot of time in training our roof cleaning technicians, and always have a roof cleaning professional on site when a cleaning is in process.

Concrete Cleaning

We specialize in chemical cleaning that will clean these surfaces more effectively, while giving a longer lasting result than pressure washing without chemicals.

Window Washing

Our superior window cleaning process cleans your windows, leaving exceptionally clean windows protected from the elements of mother nature, Streak Free.

Graffiti Removal

Wheather it be concrete, brick, block, signs, painted, or unpainted surfaces, we can remove it using the safest products available.

100% biodegradable

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Fixing Other Companies Brick Cleaning Mistakes

Time after time we have been called out to a property to fix areas that a fly by night pressure washing company, or a homeowner themselves have damaged. Many times we can correct the problem, many times the damage is too severe to correct without replacing the brick and mortar. We recommend that if you do not know the proper techniques of pressure washing and brick cleaning, then you call us beforehand. Even if you plan to clean it yourself, we will be happy to come out and give you tips on doing it properly.

Stucco Cleaning

Stucco cleaning is where most non-professional pressure washing companies fail.  If a pressure washing company is not familiar with soft washing, you should not let them clean your stucco property.  Time after time, I see damage to stucco properties where a non-professional company, or a home owner tried to pressure wash it themselves, without using the soft wash method.  

Other Types Of Siding Cleaning

Other types of siding cleaning should always be performed by a professional if you are not certain that you know how to clean it yourself. Trying to pressure wash siding, brick, concrete, or any other type of surface can be dangerous if you are not familiar with using a pressure washer. We always recommend hiring a professional for this service.

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